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Yacht Management Software

that help you "track and improve activities", "manage projects, tasks and schedules", "hire crew and other personnel", "communicate with your team and clients", "work while travelling", "connect with other yachting professionals", "sell, buy, hire and charter yachts"

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The YManage Platform

YManage is an innovative and comprehensive Yacht Management Platform - a collection of digital products and services that can bring real value to your yachting business. Choose your role below and find out how we can help you!

Yacht Owner

Buy or sell a yacht, set up business, hire the right people, and more - quickly and stress-free


Yacht Crew

Run the day to day operations efficiently, while staying connected to the shore


Yacht Manager

Hire crew, manage financials, boost sales and marketing, coordinate logistics, and much more

About YManage

About YManage

When we say YManage is a comprehensive platform, we really mean it.

We have solutions for accounting, HR, project management, sales, marketing, internal and external communication, logistics, stock management, and much more. Depending on your individual needs, you can choose just one or two services, or benefit from the whole range of the platform.

YManage can lighten the administrative workload of captains and crew – and free up time for other tasks. Yacht managers and owners can easily follow and improve the overall performance of their business, all team members can access important files and documents while travelling, as well as efficiently communicate and share information with each other.

YManage is perfect for busy yachting professionals! We help you work online and offline, everywhere in the world.


Superyacht Technology

Feel the freedom of YManage: Get ship done

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YManage give you the tools to build your own virtual organization.

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Our Knowledge

We are a team in the yachting from 15 Year. We know what it takes to operate a yacht – and what tools and services yacht owners, captains, crew and business managers need to make things run smoothly. Through YManage, you can benefit from our knowledge and experience.

Our Concept

A modern Digital Platform, easy-to-use online software to help you manage your yachting business. Your data is stored securely in a cloud-based system, making it easy to access and always up-to-date. No installations required. A Series of Product & Service to connect your team and Get Ship Done.

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From anywhere

You can access the service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. From anywhere in the world. On any PC, Mac or mobile device.


Sometimes there are more important things than Wi-Fi – but don’t worry – you can use YManage offline on your mobile device. Accounting, inventory, crew time management and other features are at your disposal, and once you get an Internet connection, your changes will upload to the system and sync to other devices using your account.

What we do best


We guarantee you will stay on top of your yachting projects. YManage helps you coordinate project tasks, schedules and budgets. It is easy to share content and communicate with your project team.


We offer simple administration tools that will make your life easier. Accounting and finances, inventory, projects, documents, HR and time management are all brought together under one, easy-to-use platform.


Instant messages, video calls, screen sharing, group chats, shared documents, and much more. We offer extensive communication features, to make sure you can efficiently share information with your team members as well as external partners.


We care about your success! We know what YManage can do – and we will help you make most of the platform. From the very beginning, you can count on our customer service and support.

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