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All Systems Improve

Take a look at what's new and what's coming in the YManage product, announced in January 2019.

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New Functionality Available until 6/2019

The All New YManage Yacht Professional

The NEW full  version of YManage Professional is the all-in-one toolkit to supercharge your management engine.

Full customized Platform for Busy yacht charter or Large yacht, include device for Owner, Manager and Onboard Member. All software installed to your Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone.

System Include

  • Laptop 13 Inc Ultra Light, Tablet PC For owner and 5,9 Smartphone
  • Software Installed in your Server : Virtual Office, Yacht Management, Business Management, Marketing Tools  
  • Organize every detail about your yachts and customers, using robust automation and management tools sophisticated teams need.
  • Save your reps time and help them work smarter with productivity tools like meetings, templates, sequences, and a deep inbox8 integration.
  • Leverage the power of machine learning to surface the best leads to your sales team with predictive lead scoring.
  • Yacht Website Integration, Website Builder, Affiliate program 24h Support
  • 8 Hour Installation Included

Reserve It Today

Before prices increase on 7/2019

50% Payment Required

Coming in 3/2019

Introducing Technical Management Module In YManage

Conversations is a shared inbox that helps you and your team have better one-to-one conversations with your customers.

  • Stores messages from your prospects and customers in a single, central place so you can view, manage, and reply with ease.
  • Seamlessly pulls in conversations from every messaging channel, and allows you to bring any member of your team into a thread.
  • Deeply connected to the rest of YManage24 and CRM, giving you context on every contact so you always have the full picture.
  • Automation rules and bots help you manage conversations at scale, routing incoming messages and taking care of simple tasks.

Get a YManage  account today and you’ll automatically get Conversations when it’s live. or get a 14 Days FREE trial.

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YManage Integrate Personal Live Chat .

The future of Support is messaging. And with bots, powered by the Mobile Application, you can have 1-on-1 conversations with everyone at scale. With YManages’s Live Chat integrations we’re enabling businesses to better engage, convert, close, and delight our customers across every device.

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New in 2019

Introducing The Customer Portal

Succeed because your customers did. YManage’s new Customer Hub enables the inbound way of doing customer service. You’ll make customers happier, keep them longer, and grow your business faster.

  • The Customer Portal is built on top of Communication. This makes it easy to escalate an everyday chat into a case that can be managed.
  • Truly understand your customers with feedback and insights tools, that you can deploy across Conversations, email, and more.
  • Go from frantically "solving tickets" to actually helping your customers – quickly and efficiently. Serve them even better with sophisticated knowledge center tools.

Coming Soon to YManage : Yachting Start Up

Reimagine Your business With YManage

YManage for Start Up is getting a whole new set of tools to help you attract and engage with more of the right people, Sell more and  get payed fast .

  • Your Office Online: A new, modern approach to manage your activities, connect with your team and deliver information, offer and service to clients.
  • Courses: A powerful new training engine helps you learn the new marketing strategy , communication channel and how grow your company.
  • Facebook Ads: Use YManage’s granular segmentation tools to target ads on Facebook. Easily convert more people with new form and web chat
  • Mobile Application : Tee up posts and get mobile reminders to your team. Allow clients to collaborate at his project in your platform.
  • Marketing & SEO : Advertise your company on our social, List on our Business Directory & Get your SEO assistant Online.
  • YManager Coach: Mentor program, personal coaching, business introduction, capital investor.
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