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Navigate Your Business Journey With Our Seamless Services and Products!!

Navigate Your Business Journey With Our Seamless Services and Products!!

The global Yacht Industry is projected to reach US$74.7 billion by 2022. US, China, Europe, and many other countries are now investing heavily in this market. Marine tourism, water-based sports, and leisure activity trends are richly benefitting the market. So, as the global market is boosting at a very high pace, there is parallel need arises for products and service solutions for yacht fleet management, maintenance, technical, financial, human resource, & safety prospect for Captain, crew members, other staff and mainly for the customers.

There are hundreds of Industries pushing to provide online and offline solutions in one area or two. Even after lots of software solutions available Captains of the fleet are still in dilemma to have one solution on Board which should be centralized from a single Dashboard.

A new day comes with the rays of new hope and lights of new wisdom!! There was a need of someone came out from within with much experience to bring up the solution from the root.

Alessandro Macri, a Captain, came up with a solution as a sigh of relief for the yacht and marine fleet world. He offers all the solutions within a portal known as YManage.


He came up with multiple solutions through a single platform with a collection of digital products and services which can bring real value to the business. A shop is available to purchase a product or service separately or to go for the complete product. A user can purchase a web-based software solution, or he/she can go for a white label license for the complete YManage Platform. Have a glance at our product and services mentioned below:


YManage Complete Platform: It is a web-based solution provided to manage each and every requirement related to Yacht and Fleet Vessel Management. It includes multiple categories of software like YManage Software, YManage Personal, YManage Business, YManage Managers, YManage Jobs, YManage Directory, YManage Yacht Market, YManage Partners, and YManage Shop.

You can manage, collaborate and engage team with private workspace, share and handle personal documentation, to hire a professional, to handle daily task and their monitoring and reporting, hire a Manager service, Jobs portal related crew, manager and other staff, find best places and services, an online market for yacht and fleet, partnership benefits, and a product shop to purchase and the products and services.

Yacht Accounting: It is accounting software to take care of all your accounting and financial management needs. It keeps track of your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly income and expenses in a single place to make you more organized and more efficient.

It uses Charts, graphs, and an intuitive flow-oriented interface to make it quick and easy to get an accurate picture of your finances which helps you to plan your budget. It makes beautiful graphics reports of your Income/Expense/Growth using colorful bar charts, line charts, column charts, and pie charts. It can generate accurate reports as well as analyze your expenses and income for specified time periods to identify potential savings and to let you know where your money is going. It can even import/export your transactions in CSV, JSON and XML files.

YManage Personal: Now manage your day to day task and by the personal project management system. Check in with your crew, contribute to projects and keep logs of discussions so nothing gets forgotten about. We offer secure online storage for your invoices, order forms & contracts in one place. We also offer legal aid for those involved in discrepancies with project contracts. From here you can easily find jobs in most sectors within the marine industry. Employer? Post your job vacancy for free.

Remotely assign project tasks to specific team members on board and keep up to date with them from one place. Create and update project briefs for crew members on board from anywhere in the world. Staff can submit timesheets, expenses and more to the Y-Manage system. Employers can pay their staff directly from the app.

YManage Business: With an online profile keep your customers up to date and update your profile with real-time information. It helps you to find business, no matter where you are. Receive alerts for the leads looking and searching for the services. Hire Deckhands, Stewards, Captains, Chefs, Marketers, Event Staff & more. List your vacancy or find a staff member suitable for the role you have in mind.

We offer full, comprehensive and detailed background checks on staff sourced through our platform so you can rest assured that you have made the right decision when hiring through Y-Manage. Buy and sell all shapes and sizes of boat online with our online brokerage. Find out about previous owners and works completed on your potential purchase before viewing. We keep a profile of all of our brokers online, so you know who you are dealing with and their experience within the industry.

We know that as a yacht manager, you can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why with a central management system you can communicate and keep track of ongoing tasks within your team. No more running around after documents, we have a place to securely store anything from project specs, invoices to contracts. Don't want everyone to see a document? Set permission levels for each crew member.


Hosting + Domain + SSL services: Why to go anywhere else? YManage provides you with one of the fastest server hosting, domain name for your business and the security service like SSL within your budget. So, from now no need to google for everything, just search a word ‘YManage’ and you will get what you need.

Development and Customization: With the change in technology, it is obvious to arise a need for customization or development. Our developers and experts can understand your requirement better than others. We are always available to implement your ideas. YManage provides you with a package for any sort of customization or anything which needs to be developed from scratch.

What are you waiting for!?!.... Go for the demo and trial and boost your business with much more control and authority as never before.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2020