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If you are a Yacht Manager , Broker, Technical Manager or a Company Director and you believe in YManage Value, we can help you raise your business and improve your life quality .

A platform to transform the Yachting Management.

Accompany managers on a daily basis, evolve managerial practices by disseminating innovative practices: this is the ambition of ymanage.net. a web platform thainclude  a community of managers and operator in the yachting world
How did the idea of ymanage germinate ?
ymanage started with an awareness with collegue and client. Alessandro Macri during our career, the more we progress in the world of yachting and the company, the more we measured the gap between our expectations and the practices of the current management.

The arrival of digital native 50% of the workforce by 2020 and 75% 2025- and the impact of digital questioning strongly the current management modes
it is in parland to the owner, manager and crew that we realized their isolation and difficulties to make evolve, on the ground managerial practices

Alessandro Macri , 2017

What is the solution offered by ymanage.net?
an open managerial community, around a web platform for online collaboration and software design for the sector.
It allows access to multiple resources, very operational, and offers a discovery and structured approach to best managerial practices.
Practical factsheets are offered on all the quests to which managers are confronted as motivation or appeal to the creativity of a team.
the platform makes it possible to evolve easily between management universes of several companies, or start-ups or researchers to inspire and reuse the best practices
the access to the community and other functions of the platform and free, we offer payane solutions to the owners, managers and crew that decide to start a project at the platform, it is also used for the management of projects of each company or yacht that want a platform for them or leure team.
they can also create an intranet that is strictly dedicated to them.
Short-term ambitions?
we are aiming for a community of 3000 people by the end of December, we also have start ups and companies that already use the platform and we hope to double them by early may 2018.
Ymanage has the ambition to contribute concretely to improve Management in Yachting and to liberate the innovative potential in the Management of Yacht or Their equipage for a better organizations and experie